Healthy hair begins at the scalp. Our bodies are part of nature and just like when you're growing a plant, you have to care for the soil and make sure it has enough nutrients for the plants to survive and grow. Now, imagine if leaves grow and begin to dry out and fall, you can't just treat the leaves with products to help them look healthier.


Our hair is the same way, our scalp is living, breathing tissue that needs nourishment and care. We have to keep the scalp healthy, free of dandruff and not constantly exposed to trauma from chemicals and harsh ingredients.


Nature provides everything we need to care for our bodies, including our hair. The first, and original way to shampoo your hair was with herbs that release soap. That method works and actually keeps hair healthy and attractive. Liquid shampoos only came later as big businesses really worked hard and succeeded at convincing us that their products were necessary. Not only are liquid shampoo and conditioners not necessary, they're actually harmful to your hair and the environment.  

If you suffer from dandruff or dry, itchy scalp, you might've already tried the numerous brands of shampoos available at salons and the local grocery store. Most of these products are composed of mostly water with minimal amounts of ingredients that actually work! Herbal treatments offer the maximum benefits of any hair product without the added fillers like silicones or preservatives. 

Part of maintaining the scalp and hair healthy is oiling your hair with herbal oil infusions that boost the properties of herbal treatments. Oiling also moisturizes hair and prevents damage caused by liquid shampoo. 

Choosing which herbs to use depends on what your hair & scalp need and can vary by individual. I can help you learn about what different herbs provide and how you can combine them to deliver quick and long lasting results when you incorporate them into your routine.

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