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Plant Hair Dyes

Natural Henna

Herbal Scalp Care

Ayurvedic hair care 


Henna offers a complete treatment for your scalp & hair plus amazing color!

Get gray coverage and long lasting results without chemicals.

100% Natural, Just Herbs & Water

 Thickens hair strands, adds volume & shine.

Blends greys and enhances hair color.

Many colors are possible!

Safe if you're allergic to PPD.

Protects hair from harmful UV rays.

Safe to use during pregnancy.

herbal hair & scalp care


What is Herbal Color?

Herbal dyes are made with water and plants that can dye hair naturally. This is a slow hair coloring method that requires you to leave-in the treatment for 2-3 hours and wait 2-3 days to see the final color. I create personalized blends to produce various shades to suit your any hair tone.

What colors are possible with Herbs?

Plant dyes are deposit only color and can not lighten your hair color. Many colors are possible including shades of blonde, browns, reds, and black. Herbal color looks different on everyone and your existing color, chemical history, and other factors determine what shade you can achieve. 

How Often Can I Apply Herbs?

Plant dyes and herbal treatments can be used as often as you'd like without any harm. If dyeing grays, you will have to reapply as your hair grows out. If treating severely damaged hair strands or very resistant grays, you might need to leave it in longer or a second application.

Can I use henna or plant dyes over chemical dyes?

Yes, herbal dyes help restore some of the strength your hair has lost from chemical services. You can also safely switch back to chemicals after plant dyes if you'd like. 

herbal COLOR

Made from plants, no added ingredients, just herbs & water. 


House calls available in

Austin-San Antonio

Phone consultation is required for all new clients.

A $25 deposit secures your first appointment. 



ALL OVER $125-200

Rate varies by density/length of your hair and  frequency of applications.

Due to the nature of herbal hair care pricing for crops can vary, causing a slight change in my pricing & availability from time to time.  

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House Calls in Austin & San Antonio!