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 Thickens hair strands, adds volume & shine.

Blends greys and enhances hair color.

Many colors are possible!

Safe if you're allergic to PPD.

Protects hair from harmful UV rays.

Safe to use during pregnancy.

herbal hair & scalp care


What is Henna?

Henna as we know it in hair coloring, is a natural hair dye that comes from henna leaves. The best leaves from the shrub are harvested, dried and ground to a fine powder. Other herbs can be added to create different shades.

How Often is Henna Applied?

Henna can be applied as often as needed for scalp treatments and to blend greys. There are no adverse or harmful side effects if using henna often. For root touch-ups you will have to re-apply as your hair grows to keep greys covered but it won't harm you.

What colors are possible with Henna?

Many colors are possible with henna such as shades of blonde, browns, reds, and black. Your existing color, chemical history, and other factors determine what shade you can achieve.

Can I use henna if I have bleached hair?

Yes! Henna helps restore some of the strength your hair has lost throughout bleaching and dying with chemicals. A consultation and strand tests are required for bleached hair.

Will henna melt my hair?

No. This is a common misconception and only happens when using compound henna that includes metallic salts. These products  are not compatible with peroxide/ammonia based dyes and a chemical reaction might happen and damage your hair. There's ways to test for metallic salts in hair. 

Can I lighten my hair with henna?

No, henna does not lighten hair and will actually deepen your color and enhance natural highlights. Existing pigments in your hair determine the final color, results vary from person to person. If your hair is very dark brown or black you will only see noticeable results on grey hair. Herbal dyes will not change the color of hair that is already dark.

herbal swatches

Made from plants, no added ingredients, just herbs & water. 

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